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Puzzles, Entertainment and Media, what’s that got to do with the biggest rip-off ever? plenty!

Entertainment industry including sports, pop groups, music, comedy, game shows all infiltrated and manipulated by the controlling Payseur family and associates.

How Payseur family instrumental , I’m Related, Strawman, Ancestry – PUZZLES intentional MISD – by their nature – Why people like puzzles – games – Jokes & comedy – Entertainment – wrestling – tv – game shows – newspapers – sport – Demons & wizards – space invaders – Disney films, etc – Pop groups – control – music


Our news reports are stuffed with what the government of the day says is most important, nowadays it’s all about covid-19 and ‘climate change’ (not ‘global warming’ or holes in the ozone layer anymore) so there’s less time to say that something else happened, i.e. it remains off the agenda and thereby hidden.

Attacks on the government only come from the fringes, whilst most people are kept from seeing at how real things are happening around them, or too busy arguing about the merits or non-merits of wearing masks.

Same as with racial issues and gender stuff, all blown out of proportion, to keep it at the front of the news and aiming to create division amongst people.


Giving us puzzles, distractions and entertainment for a reason, like the old fashioned jester of the court to distract from the masses about what is really going on.

Anyone else noticed how sports in general don’t seem to be genuine. There are too many odd things happening and too many unlikely outcomes.

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Yeah, get the comics, musicians and actors in on it, the masses will believe anything, if famous people are also are locked down in their house, then the fake situation must be real and should be believed

Ever heard about show-biz people who are state paid agents? Gene Simmons of Kiss, telling people to get vaccinated, by who knows whatever venom!

Not many comedians actually say that fake attacks happen, they just make a joke which sort of confirms that it actually happened.

Sponsored celebrity events, to make you part with your money.

Attack comedians for PC jokes so that they can divide the population even more. Latest Dave Chapelle!

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The typical bread and circus artificial reality, keep people occupied with soap operas and reality television, whilst they get on with stealing the country’s wealth.

Sport football – enormous growth – big transfers – now killed.

No champions – no football – no revenue.

Now heading for another lockdown, so we can be brainwashed all day.

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Sell, Sell, Sell more computer consoles and games. More Netflix packages, etc..

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One hit wonders the rise of mediocre music, shit films, fake wrestling and so-called movie stars, why do they get so much acclaim?

Thank god you can stream their music and videos online, NOT.

Oh, here’s one we made in lockdown?

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Whether you believe the Payseur Family History story or Fritz Springmeier’s account, is not really an issue. More to the point is how a very few historical families managed to take over and run the world. Whilst doing so, they have usurped the finances, labor and power of the masses, condemning them to ‘in perpetuity’ slavery.


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