Marie Payseur

Marie Payseur


You know what’s funny, my dad Louis never fully sussed the connection with Disney to Mind Control, until we started our sites and discussed what we would put on them. I mean, although he knew there was something not right at Disney, he never realized it was so deep.

To be honest, I loved Disney films, not least because my dad was involed with them, but because I felt ‘safe’ in watching ‘whole-hearted’ productions. Boy has my mind been blown now!

At school, I wasn’t really much of an academic and preferred music, school plays and entertaining. I was a singer with a local band, who were mainly a cover band and never had any hits or recording deal of our own.

We started out covering acts like Madonna, Celene Dion and Jennifer Rush (bit of a mix I know, but none of us could write any decent songs) and then onto Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (odd that they were both linked to Disney’s ‘Mickey Mouse Club’).

I carried on for another few years, but got into being an agent and then started managing a few acts, both musical and comedic. I’ve had some decent success, but not going to divulge with who or what, maybe later when I’m more secure.

I have always been someone who likes to check out puzzles or to figure out how comedians make up their jokes and stories.

Don’t forget my dad Louis, my brother Daniel, my daughter Christine and my niece Marie’s sites.


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  1. Graham Abbott says:

    Hi there Marie,
    Are we being introduced to different family members here?

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